Peer Mental Health Support Ukraine

Free Access to Peer to Peer Support if you are affected by the war in Ukraine. There are people all over the world that are ready to listen to you. Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected in all times.


What we do?

It has been a week since the world was brought to a standstill as news broke on Feb. 24 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The world has watched in horror and disbelief as we observe death and destruction live on our smartphones and TV’s. The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has evolved and it has exposed some of the worst nightmares any of us could ever imagine, from the destruction of lives & properties, to the separation of families, to an increasingly number of orphans in the country, and cases of racism at the borders – Black and many foreign students experiencing racism at the border while trying to flee from the war.

We have seen footages of people being blocked from boarding trains and cases of most being beaten by the police. Also, since the Russian invasion in Feb. 2022, the UN’s refugee agency has reported over 1.7 million people have become refugees, and according to media, UNHCR reported around 100,000 people had been displaced on 24 February 2022 due to the invasion by the Russian Federation.


The crisis has also revealed many needs of the people of Ukraine and other Nationalities either stuck in the country, trying to flee the country, or dealing with the uncertainties of being refugees. Many have prayed, reached out and shown solidarity to the people of Ukraine and BlackInUkraine as well. While the prayers are rolling in, many have also asked what and how they can be of help


We have set up this volunteering service to provide peer-to-peer mental health and well-being support for those in Ukraine or those who recently left, including foreign students who are facing added challenges.

If you are able to help or know someone who would like to help, please share this page. 


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