Dr Raghav Baliga Ayurvedic Doctor

Ayurvedic Medicine, Massage therapies, Detox, Herbal MedicineBaliga Ayurveda is a clinic in London for ayurvedic consultation for diet and lifestyle modification, rejuvenation therapy, detoxification and management of various disorders. Baliga Ayurveda upholds the traditional methods of treating various diseases by certified ayurvedic doctor / therapists. Most of the ayurvedic medicines (herbal medicines) are prepared by using organically

€75 / session

Carmel Sastre Energy & Spiritual Healer

As a Psychic Energy and Spiritual Healer I provide healing combining the power of my clairvoyant and intuitive skills. I identify the blockages within your Chakras and Aura and cleanse them allowing the correct flow of energy. I help you to change some patterns and after the healing sessions important changes happen in your life.

€100 / session

Sonia Ferreira Specialist

A  mathematician, explorer of great philosophical ideas and their practical links to everyday challenges, high performance trainer, writer, guide towards growth and grounding.

€50 / session

Shane Cooke Specialist

My coaching is all about inner transformation, awakening, healing, and letting go of the busy mind allowing you to break free from limiting beliefs and anything that holds you back in life from being your true inner self. The basis of my coaching is to work from the inside out, helping you to understand your

€50 / session